Fast and secure file transfer & sync directly across your devices


Fast and secure file transfer & sync directly across your devices.

Private peer-2-peer cloudless service with strong end-2-end encryption.

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What are our benefits compared to others?

Thanks to our decentralized structure, your files are stored only on your trusted devices (PC, tablet, NAS etc.), without being placed on third-party servers.
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End-2-end data encryption built into our products eliminates substitution or interception of any files sent. Nobody apart from you can decode your data, not even us.
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High Speed
Peer-2-peer file transfer technology helps achieve a stunning speed. Data is carried via shortest route, saving you time and resources.
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Comparison of cloud solutions and Pvtbox

Client-Server Architecture: Peer-to-Peer Architecture:
  • All your files are being stored on third-party servers
  • Authorities can access your files
  • Your files can be lost by third-party incorrect actions, like gitlab repositories, tickets or any other significant data lost by deleting gitlab database
  • You can temporary lose access to your files due to hackers actions on third party datacenters or internet providers
  • Large scale data transmission is delayed due to intermediary servers involvement. The file is uploaded to the cloud firstly, and then is downloaded from it.
  • All your files are being stored only on your trusted devices, we store only file name, file size and file hash on our servers
  • None but you can access your files
  • Your files won't be lost even if our servers are wiped down
  • You always have access to files stored on your devices in Pvtbox secured sync folder
  • Any files are transmitted fastly due to no intermediary servers involved. The data is exchanged directly between the devices.

Full Control in Your Hands

Sync your data across multiple devices automatically or, by using a selective mode, assign collaborators, transfer files and folders to external users, and more.
Create your own trusted cloud from your controlled devices (PC, Mac, Server, Tablet etc.) by installing the Pvtbox application on each one that you would like to make a part of your company's infrastructure. Your cloud may contain anywhere from 1 to infinity devices of any capacity.
Enjoy secure and high-speed service with protection from external intrusions, wiretapping and interceptions. Save your company’s time and resources right here, right now. Get Private. Get Pvtbox!

Peer-2-peer blazing speed!