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Our affiliate program

If you are a system administrator, a decision-making technical specialist, or an independent technical consultant, you can earn money with the Pvtbox affiliate program.

Here are the benefits of working with the Pvtbox affiliate program:

  1. By introducing Pvtbox private cloud at the enterprise, you transfer it to a qualitatively different level of speed and workflow security. Forget archaic and insecure options like Dropbox and Google Drive. Use truly modern solutions.
  2. The company where you implement the Pvtbox solution receives a 5% discount on the cost of the annual package. Thus, it is beneficial for the company to connect through you.
  3. As a Pvtbox partner, you will receive some of the highest commissions on the market. The base rate is 30% and depending on the number of users it can reach up to 40% of the annual package cost + rebills.
  4. Convenience for the company, comfort for you. Thanks to our stable and high-class solution, the technical part works without failures and your intervention. Installed once - it works always! This is a win-win solution for all parties.


We make payments to our partners 2 times a month, on the 15th and 30th of the day (for the previous payment period for days 1-15 or 16-30). For example, you signed a client on the 14th, which means you will receive a payment for him on the 30th

We pay by Paypal, and there are also other payment options, check it out with support.

Steps to start

To start earning money with Pvtbox affiliate program just send us an email to: with theme "Invites" and we will get back to you with promo codes which your company can use to receive 5% discount from us.

Also specify your Paypal (or other payment system) account where your would like to get your comission. Once client have paid, you will receive your comission.