Speed up your Business with Pvtbox Sync

Hello there! We want to introduce us and our product — Pvtbox Sync. Our European company brought together professionals and like-minded people from all over the world.

Our mission was to create a product that allows fast and secure file transfer of any size between devices and saves all the files only on your trusted devices and nowhere else. We’ve already had years of experience in the development of high-load systems and since 2017 we realized we have to embark on the next step of our journey. That’s how Pvtbox Sync appeared.

Why Pvtbox Sync?

We wanted to create a private peer-2-peer cloudless service with strong end-2-end encryption. We made a decision to work on it because we wanted to make a product which is strongly confidential, secure, fast and gives full control in your hands. Many companies in the modern world emphasize privacy and confidentiality, so classical centralized cloud is not enough for them anymore.

Pvtbox Sync turned out to be unique

The peer-2-peer transfer technology has been known for a long time, but in fact there are only a few products in the world that provide peer-2-peer data transmission. So what will it give us? In short, speed and confidentiality. Of course, if you want to transfer data between computers, you can also use a cable, bluetooth or a classic cloud. But what if you don’t want the data to remain anywhere except on your devices? And what if you have more than 2 computers or laptops, but 10 or even 100? And what if the file size is much bigger than you expected (not megabytes, but gigabytes or even terabytes)?

When answering all these questions, the centralized cloud is far behind peer-2-peer transmission technology in both privacy and speed. That’s why Private Box Sync is so special and it can be called a solution. Pvtbox Sync allows you to transfer data from your computer without placing it in any other place. Peer-2-peer transfer allows you to transfer data along the shortest path, and this speeds up the whole process.

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