Peer-2-peer sync. Unique solutions for information security.

In the world of high technology the safety and security of data remains a crucial task the solution of which often determines the integrity and performance of commercial projects. In cyberspace information is the main value that determines the efficiency and productivity of all work processes.

A wide range of known solutions is used for the exchange and storage of information, which allows you to synchronize data in the cloud and physical media. However, such technologies do not guarantee the necessary level of confidentiality, which is put at the forefront of these processes.

That’s why some time ago peer-2-peer file transfer over internet (P2P sync) technology was created. It works on all popular platforms and combines the simplicity for the user, speed and security of information transfer.

The essence of Peer-2-Peer file transfer technology

Such innovative services for storing and transmitting information flows emerged as a response to the growing needs of corporate customers, who were no longer satisfied with the capabilities of traditional cloud synchronization and backup.

As a result, a unique algorithm was developed that allows you to quickly transfer data without storage on intermediary servers, but keeping transferred files and folders only on client’s devices.

Security in this case is ensured not only by advanced end-2-end data encryption technologies (which means nobody apart from you can decode your data), but also by finding important information exclusively on terminals and portable gadgets. At the same time, the file size and the number of devices integrated into a single peer to peer system are practically unlimited.

Distinctive excellence of Peer-2-Peer synchronization

If we compare Peer-2-Peer and Client-Server network architectures, we can distinguish the following important differences which also can be called significant competitive advantages.

– high speed transmission of large amounts of information, provided by combining the functions of the router and the server with sending data along the shortest path;
– full confidentiality provided by advanced end-2-end data encryption;
– fine-tune synchronization with the connection of a wide range of static and mobile devices;
– data transfer without the use of third-party servers with the ability to store information only on fully controlled media;

And also:

–  the ability to transfer large files of any format in one package;
–  transfer of modified files by broadcasting only updated sections which significantly reduces the session time;
–  efficient information retrieval from the backup storage located on controlled user’s hard disks;

– centralized management of all connected devices and storages through a single administrative console.

According to experts, Peer-2-peer transfer technology has firmly occupied an individual niche in information security and data transfer market. As the network of such services develops, corporate clients will be able to fully control the safety of important data, ensuring the fastest possible transmission of impressive data sets in terms of volume.

The peer-to-peer synchronization service Pvtbox Sync is all about the highest standards of data transfer security with extensive user capabilities. We work with all versions of Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS operating platforms.

Convenient for all purposes, our system allows you to transfer any processes associated with processing large amounts of data to a fundamentally new level of efficiency and confidentiality.