Fast data transfer — how to speed up the efficiency of modern business

In the last article we discussed the main advantages of our Pvtbox Sync product, paying attention to the review of security systems operating in end-2-end encryption with data storage on trusted devices. Today we will tell you about one more significant advantage that a business can make use of in order to increase productivity and competitive ability.

In times of high speeds the transfer of information is, perhaps, the fastest speed method. Indeed, it takes less than 1 second to send a photo to your friend with good communication. However, in order to send large amounts of data, fundamentally different solutions are needed. Modern business, if we are talking about developed enterprises with a lot of workers, is in dire need of prompt exchange of large amounts of information. Often the effectiveness of commercial processes as a whole may depend on the speed of obtaining and processing important information.

Speed at all times was an indicator of progress. For example, the ancient tribes wandered from place to place on foot, it took a lot of time and effort. Since the taming of animals, this process has begun to accelerate. People began to move and carry goods with oxen, horses and other horse-drawn vehicles. Nowadays, if someone is offered to transport several tons of cargo on horseback from New York to San Francisco, then most likely they will say: “I do not deal with psychos!” And they will be right.


Each period of time implies its own tools for solving transport problems. In the era of dinosaurs moving from one point to another meant the movement of the entire tribe within a month. Nowadays, for this purpose, trunk wagons, freight trains, cargo planes and other high-speed transport are involved. It is speed that becomes an indicator of the progress of human civilization. And the transport of information flows also requires constant modernization of the algorithms used in the direction of increasing the speed of data transfer.

If we go a little deeper into history and look at the period of time which was 25 years ago, we can see that the exchange of information was carried out with the help of too slow Dial-up Internet, faxes, diskettes and laser disks. Just in a quarter of a century significant progress has been made in this area. In the role of innovative technologies centralized cloud services began to act as data stores. Such an “invisible warehouse” provided the ability to store and receive bits without the presence of bulky and expensive physical media.


However, if we are talking about processing and transferring business-critical information, such solutions are definitely not suitable. And the matter is not even in the absence of an adequate level of security of data transferred from public cloud storages, although this is also a very important aspect. Let’s imagine for a moment a few working servers of a large company that require fast synchronization to exchange information flows. If such an operation is carried out through a public service cloud, then each server will autonomously download bits of information and this will take a lot of time.

The revolutionary peer-2-peer technology of the Pvtbox Sync software package allows you to perform such processes without resorting to centralized cloud services. In this case, the servers work as a whole, being both senders and recipients of information fragments which are automatically connected into an unified whole. Thus the whole process is accelerated. Such a significant priority in conjunction with the ultra-reliable security of the transferred arrays forms the prospect of effective work of all chains of a structured business. And in this case, all work units will be able to effectively interact, both among themselves and with external sources of information.

Be fast, be protected. Speed up you Business in a right way!