Pvtbox E-Vault – ready to use service for secure data transfer and storage.

Pvtbox offers its service for those who are interested in fast and secure data transfer, saving it in the individual private cloud consisting of chosen devices under the user’s control. Yet we could not but notice that some do not fully understand the service’s structure, or the advantages the service can provide, what use can it be for the particular person or company. Or, perhaps, someone simply doesn’t have time or interest in going into all the technical details and he or she wants to get the ready to use solution. For such a cases we announce the completely ready to use data transfer and storage service dedicate – this solution is called Pvtbox E-Vault https://pvtbox-evault.com.

What exactly does the Pvtbox E-Vault service offer to its clients? To answer shortly: everything. From the idea to the result. Let’s have a look at the example: say, we have a certain individual, John, for instance, who possesses a certain information he would like to keep strictly secure, yet remaining available for himself at any time and even from mobile gadgets as well.

John reaches for us, fills the application on our website site https://pvtbox-evault.com (phone number is not necessary there). Our managers contact John to clarify his vision of his personal Electronic Vault organizing. One of the simplest yet the most protected structures provides server space in any data center located anywhere in the world and installs the Pvtbox app there. Thus, all the data will be physically stored on the protected server. John can either get the server space himself or ask us to get it for him – as he prefers. Then we explain him (in the most understandable way) how exactly to pass the file in protected E-Vault and how to get it out of E-Vault. Certainly, all the traffic is performed via end-2-end encryption. As a result, John gets his own data storage, totally protected from tapping, surveillance, traffic interception and gets utterly sure of his information security. He is the one who owns and possesses the data, since neither we nor a data center can physically access it.

Who can benefit from such a service? It’s useful for the vast range of subjects, from individuals with simple private interests to businessmen, journalists, activists, those involved in social services and all who value their constitutional rights and freedoms. This is the service for free people. Pvtbox E-Vault -Your Privacy Shield.