Fast and secure file transfer & sync directly across your devices

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Pvtbox E-Vault – ready to use service for secure data transfer and storage.

Pvtbox offers its service for those who are interested in fast and secure data transfer, saving it in the individual private cloud consisting of chosen devices under the user’s control. Yet we could not but notice that some do not fully understand the service’s structure, or the advantages the service can provide, what use can it be for the particular person or company. Or, perhaps, someone simply doesn’t have time or interest in going into all the technical details and he or she wants to get the ready to use solution. For such a cases we announce the completely ready

Peer-2-peer sync. Unique solutions for information security.

In the world of high technology the safety and security of data remains a crucial task the solution of which often determines the integrity and performance of commercial projects. In cyberspace information is the main value that determines the efficiency and productivity of all work processes. A wide range of known solutions is used for the exchange and storage of information, which allows you to synchronize data in the cloud and physical media. However, such technologies do not guarantee the necessary level of confidentiality, which is put at the forefront of these processes. That’s why some time ago peer-2-peer file