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Our Features

There are several options of working with Pvtbox private cloud software: using SaaS version or Self-hosted version. Each has its own advantages. Chose what suits you best!
SaaS Self-hosted
Data storage on trusted devices onlyYesYes
StorageAs much as your devices can!As much as your devices can!
End-to-end encryptionYesYes
Open sourceYesYes
Signal serverReady to useNeed to be deployed
Turn serverReady to useNeed to be deployed
Database to store file's hashReady to useNeed to be deployed
Built-in security mechanisms in apps (ssl pinning and others)Ready to useNeed to be deployed
Desktop and mobile appsYesYes
LAN syncingYesYes
Secure file sharingYesYes
Extra fast file transfersYesYes
Using "torrent" technology
for content delivery
Secure collaborationYesYes
Secure private cloudYesYes
Access from anywhereYesYes
Secure file serverYesYes
Selective syncYesYes
Password protected linksYesYes
Links with self-destruction timerYesYes
Remote device wipeYesYes
File recovery and version historyYesYes
Email supportYesYes
Number of devicesUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of usersas orderedas ordered
Admin's web panelYesYes
Personal consultant via emailYesYes
Personal consultant via phoneas orderedas ordered
Employees activity logsYesYes
Remote support via TeamVieweras orderedas ordered
Integrity consultantas orderedas ordered

Each version has the following capabilities

When transferring or synchronizing files, your device functions both as a shortest-path routing system and as a server for content transfer. As a result, all downloads take less time.
High-Grade Security
Pvtbox has built-in end-2-end encryption, (RSA, ECDSA or TLS 2048-bit keys), meaning that data cannot be intercepted, wiretapped or substituted when transmitted across networks.
When you install Pvtbox, all your data is stored only on your devices (PC, mac, server, tablet, etc.), and nowhere else. From now on, you are the only owner of your personal information.
Secure File Sharing and Collaboration
You can share a file / folder to anyone at any time by sending a link to the recipient, and set it to be deleted within a certain period of time or immediately after download is made. Files can be downloaded either through a regular browser or the Pvtbox application to speed up the process. You can also add a collaborator to your folder, assigning him/her access to the content and giving them the right to upload files there. All these functions are performed through secure protocols.
Automatic and Selective Sync
All devices (PC, mac, linux, smartphone etc) registered to your account automatically synchronize your content. So even if you lose any device, your personal data will not be affected. What’s more, you can configure selective sync. This, for instance, will help save some space on your device.
Administrative and Business Control
Business accounts have a centralized administrative panel, which enables them to view current employees and add new ones, assign them different access rights, monitor their actions, check clocking-in time and work duration, and so on. Information about your employees is always before your eyes, so you can easily control workflow.
Broad OS Support
Pvtbox works on such platforms as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The service is accessible on desktop, mobile devices and advanced web interface. It does not overload your devices and has an intuitive interface.
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